Download New Orders

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When you have acknowledge the New Orders you may download them to a file on your computer.  The file created is a comma delimited file with an extension of .csv  This format is easily imported into spreadsheet applications.


The acknowledged orders redisplay in the same way as new orders but now displays the chosen acknowledgement status.


Click the  Download   button and follow your browser's prompts to save the file to your local system.


The download file will contain, in this sequence, SAN, Buyer's company name, 13 digit ISBN, Title, Author, Quantity ordered, Order reference, Customer reference, Dues Y or N, Order date, Acknowledgement date, Acknowledgement status code, Order comment.


Acknowledgement Status Code:


You chose


Availability Status

Yes - will supply


In print and in stock

Later - Not published yet

NP and publication date

Forthcoming title, cannot supply now.

Later - Reprinting

RP and reprint date

Reprinting, cannot supply now.

Later - Temporarily unavailable

TU and availability date

Title Unavailable but expected to be available again.

Later - Temporarily held


Temporarily held, will supply later.

Not my book


Not known.

No - Out of Print


Out of print.

No - substitute available

OR and substitute ISBN

The ISBN ordered is not available but a substitute ISBN is

No - publication abandoned


Title was never available

No - rights restricted


Rights restricted cannot supply.

No - contact supplier


Order cancelled for some other reason.