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Frequently Asked Questions


Why have I got this order?


Nielsen operate a routing service called TeleOrdering. This acts as an "anyone to anyone" order routing service. A subscribing bookshop or wholesaler will, instead of having to contact publishers individually to make their orders, send us a single electronic file, which our system then splits into individual order lines which are routed automatically to the publisher we have listed as the distributor for that ISBN.  It's important to note we do not ourselves stock or sell books, we act only as the routing service. Hence when you receive an order by this method you should deal directly with whoever is listed as the buyer on the order line.


I have got more than one email but when I click the link to view the order it says there are no new orders?


We will send an email when there are new orders for you.  We will check for any new unseen orders at 05:00 Monday to Friday and if there are any we will send an email.  If you don't look at your orders we will send you another email reminder the next day and the next day and so on until you do look at your orders.  If you receive multiple emails clicking on the link to view orders in ANY email will show ALL your new orders, you can disregard all the other emails.  See Email Alerts.


How do I acknowledge orders?


For more information see New Orders.



I have a query about an order who should I contact?


Nielsen Booknet only provide an order routing service, if you have any queries concerning the shipping, payment or any trade discount you may wish to offer the purchaser, these need to be directed to the company originally ordering your title directly. The contact information for this company should be displayed with the buyer's details.


You only send one email in the morning, how do I collect orders that have arrived in the afternoon?


Click on the link in any email to start Nielsen BookNet Online Order Collection Service and display new or unacknowledged book orders.  Why not create a shortcut: click on the link in your New Orders Email (it will look something like http://bookorders.nielsenbooknet.com/ooc/maillogin.do?zz6r5edrv1h001 ).  Your orders page will open.  Right-click in the page and then click Create Shortcut.  Alternatively you can go to http://bookorders.nielsenbooknet.com and enter your log in details.


Clicking on the link in the email doesn't open the web page


Copy the link from the email and paste it into the address bar of your browser.  If that doesn't work, key in the web address http://bookorders.nielsenbooknet.com and enter your log in details. Note: the web address does not include www, key it in exactly as shown, spelling nielsen correctly.


I am not receiving email alerts?


1.Check the emails are not going into your SPAM folder.  If they are, mark the email as safe so future emails go into your main in box.
2.Check you mailbox is not full.
3.Check we have your correct email address: go to User Administration to see your current email address and amend if necessary.
4.We will only send you an email alert if you have any new unseen orders and we will check this at 05:00 Monday to Friday.  If you have collected your orders before we have run this process, for example the previous evening, we will not send an email.  See Email Alerts.
5.If you are still not receiving emails contact help.book@nielseniq.com quoting your distributor code.



How can I print my new orders before acknowledging them?

To print the orders before acknowledging them, click the print icon clip0002.  The orders will print in the same layout as the screen but without the jacket images.



The same new orders display every time I log in?


To clear new orders you must acknowledge them. They will then become Previous Orders and will not display the next time you log in.  See New Orders.



I do not publish/distribute some of the titles ordered, why are you sending me these orders?


Check the mnemonics field on screen or column headed M on prints, if there is a Y in this column it means the bookshop used a mnemonic on this order line to bypass the ISBN look-up on our routing database and force the order to you.  If the bookshop has not used a mnemonic we may have the incorrect routing information for this ISBN or ISBN prefix – please complete a feedback report selecting problem area Bibliographic Data to let our Supply Data Team know you do not distribute this ISBN, if you know who does handle this title this would help us update our database quicker.  Alternatively you may email supplydata.book@nielseniq.com



The price on the orders is wrong, how do I update this?


Please submit the adjustment via your usual electronic method (EDI, ONIX feed or Title Editor). Alternatively complete a feedback report selecting the problem area Price and Availability, include the ISBN and the correct price and our Supply Data Team will update the price. Alternatively you may email supplydata.book@nielseniq.com.



The title ordered is out of print, how do I update this?


Please submit the adjustment via your usual electronic method (EDI, ONIX feed or Title Editor). Alternatively complete a feedback report selecting the problem area Price and Availability, include the ISBN and the correct availability and our Supply Data Team (supplydata.book@nielseniq.com) will update the availability.  Please note we will continue to send orders even if the status is out of print. If the status of the title is correct on our database when the bookshop receives the TeleOrdering confirmation of their order this shows the title is out of print.



There is no author or title on the order only the ISBN, how do I update this?


We will show the author and title only if we have this information on our database.  You need to let us know the bibliographic details of your titles.  There are a number of ways to do this - using our online publisher editing service - Nielsen Title Editor.  To find out more about this service and register visit https://www.nielsenbook.co.uk/

Or you can use our New Title Form which can be found at http://www.nielsenbook.co.uk/ within the Publishers and Distributors information.


What’s Nielsen Title Editor / Pubweb?


Nielsen Title Editor is an online bibliographic editorial service for Publishers that enables you to:

look at your own titles
input the bibliographic information on your new titles
get your titles onto the database more quickly
amend your titles
upload scanned images of your book jackets

To find out more about this service visit http://www.nielsenbook.co.uk/


Nielsen Title Editor is the replacement service for Pubweb.


A bookshop tells me they have placed an order but I cannot find it, why not?


The bookshop may have used a wholesaler mnemonic so the order has been sent to a different supplier; we have not received the order from the bookshop yet; the ISBN routing may be incorrect so the order has been sent to another supplier or there is a problem with the TeleOrdering or Nielsen Booknet systems causing a delay in displaying new orders.  Please contact Support (01483 712 260 or help.book@nielseniq.com) and they will investigate for you.



Why does the User Name and Password screen pop up when I am already logged on?

If you don't do anything for a while you will be logged out, the screen won't change until you try to do something, a search for example, then you will be prompted to log in again.  This is a security feature to ensure that someone else doesn't access the service if you forget to log out.



What does a bookshop see?

A retailer can view their orders using Nielsen order tracking services and see a visual representation of the acknowledgement status as below.  The ack column will show a green tick if the order has been acknowledged as Yes will supply now, a yellow question mark if acknowledged as Later and a red cross if the order was cancelled by selecting No.





Is there a charge for Nielsen Booknet Online Order Collection Service?


There is no charge if you receive order lines at the lowest level per annum.  If you receive order lines at a higher volume level a subscription cost will apply. Please click here for details on bands and prices.


Once you exceed usage at the lowest (free) level, we will contact you to set up a subscription.


If you do not wish to receive orders through our service then please send an email to help.book@nielseniq.com quoting your distributor code and we can switch your account to No Orders.  Please note that this service can be switched back on at any time you wish.


The charge to you is determined by how many order lines you receive in any preceding 12 months.  An order line shows on the new orders screen as a separate line and this is what we count.  If a bookshop orders 10 copies of a book but places each order separately with a quantity of one this will count as 10 order lines, if they place one order for 10 copies this will count as one order line. We do not bulk up orders.



How do I make the text on the screen larger?


Use your browser to increase the text size:

Increase font size press Control +

Decrease font size press Control -

Reset font size press Control 0




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