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To register go to


In order to access your orders you have to register online - you won't be able to access the service though until your registration has been verified. Once confirmed, your User ID and Password will be confirmed via email. Please allow up to 48 hours from registration (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays) for the whole process to be completed.


If you haven’t heard from us within this time period, then please contact us.


There is no charge if you receive order lines at the lowest level per annum.  If you receive order lines at a higher volume level a subscription cost will apply.  The bands and corresponding prices are shown in the table below:


Annual order lines

Price per annum

Up to 50


51 – 100


101 – 300


301 – 500


501 – 1,000


1,001 – 2,000


2,001 and above

Email for subscription rates

Note:  prices effective from 13th March.2018

Once you exceed usage at the lowest (free) level, we will contact you to set up a subscription.


If you do not wish to receive orders through our service then please send an email to quoting your distributor code and we can switch your account to No Orders.  Please note that this service can be switched back on at any time you wish.


User ID / Password


Once we have verified your registration, you will be issued (in most cases via email) with a User ID and Password. This will give you access to our Online Order Collection Service.  You will then be able to collect your orders online and see your order history – for up to 6 months.


If you want to know more about the benefits of this service email: