User Administration

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Use User Administration to change your email address, change the default format for printed orders and select fields for download files.


Change email address


Your current email address displays.  If you want to use a different email address for all your order alerts enter it in the new email address box and then enter it again in the box below and click  submit .  You will be sent a message to the new email address, when you receive it click on the link to confirm the change.  It will take up to an hour from receiving confirmation back from us and updating our database so you may not see your new email address immediately.



Select print format

Select the print format for printing orders and click on  submit .


Print by customer - paged

Orders for each customer start on a new page

Print by customer - unpaged

Don't start a new page for each customer

Print by ISBN

Orders for each ISBN are grouped together



Edit download configuration

The fields on the left of the screen are those available to be chosen. Those on the right are those which will be in the CSV file, in the order they will appear.


To add a field to the download file, select it from the left hand screen so that it is highlighted, then click on the single arrow > to move it to the right hand side of the screen. To remove a field from the report, select it on the right hand side of the screen and click the single arrow < button.


To add all available fields to a report use the double arrow >> button. To remove all selected fields, and start again, click the double arrow << button.


Click on the submit button to save all changes.